Snowball tells us no way out of the new media the value of the product


to $50 million valuation of a website is worth the editorial team, in any case, the content has never been so valuable, even in foreign countries have no good copyright protection. So this month at the beginning of snowball finance valuation of $50 million to get $10 million B round of investment, is a very exciting event.

but, in fact, snowball finance is not a miracle, it attracts investors’ assets are still outside the content of things: Snowball network, a social network for stock investors to build. At present, the social network users only hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of active people, tens of thousands of posts, is only the primary stage of social networking products.

but snowball network story attractive enough which is Sequoia China and Morningside capital bet motivation — Chinese A shares a valid account 70 million, weekly trading account 800-900 million, in the Chinese fry stocks are 10-20 million people, there are a large number of Hong Kong equities, fixed income products, investors bond products. Snowball is said to have been planned for the second half of the financing, under the supervision of investors, financing in advance. This is the story of "looking for money".

knowledge of snowball finance, many people stay in May 2010 I founded the side of salmon stocks. This is a stock information website, side of salmon stepped down from the position after the founder of the NetEase deputy editor. The reason for leaving is not the same as ordinary Entrepreneurs: ideas and talent to play a limited space. In the NetEase, the NetEase had planned to be changed to I financial stocks, which provide personalized content, relying on UGC (user generated content); the content as a service user, eventually trapping users, the formation of community.

before the venture, said his side of salmon is fuzzy thinking for the second half, go out, try to figure out through Twitter, Facebook social networks such as the originator of the model, I decided to go in November 2011 on-line community road, snowball social network.

in fact, in June 2011 the 20 million yuan A round of investment has begun to snowball network transfusion. The first half of 2011 to begin preparations for the side of salmon snowball network project, and recruiting, on-line by the end of 2011 snowball social networking products. At the time of the publication of the financing news, snowball said to be spending abroad, focus on product research and development and human resources, now, is to increase the number of people to do 20 products. I U.S. stocks as its media, a channel for social product operations.

channel is the most important significance of user input. Snowball network began in I stocks forum, forum users of social network users of the product, the snowball network and I stocks users overlap relatively high especially in the. Of course, as the U.S. users niche, with snowball Network >