Google launched a number of entrepreneurs will create business incubator business


today Google for Entrepreneurs on the line, the integration of the Google project and its own page venture partnership, Google and mature enterprise cooperation relationship information. After the release of the site, Google launched the site dedicated Google+ page, and announced that it will be held in 13 cities in the country’s first Google entrepreneur week".

project leader Mary Grove said, Google for Entrepreneurs provides the following three categories of services:

1) establish partnerships with local entrepreneurs

2) for entrepreneurs to provide a stage to show their own


to provide tools and started the development of start-up companies

this is a full range of business incubators, entrepreneurs not only contains the week, and the London campus incubation center, South Africa, Paris business incubator Umbono Le Camping, female entrepreneurial venture Accelerator Center and so on a series of Google bonds and exchange, basic business incubator project.

Google provides a range of resources for entrepreneurs, including their own Google Apps, Adwords, Google+, etc..