Taobao freeze things and do Wangzhuan integrity tracking

Taobao alliance can give a frozen note, where many people look forward to. Look forward to look forward to freeze the reason, the family can boil, looking forward to change the children to buy a gift for his wife to look forward to a restaurant, look forward to the family doctor. Grandma and grandpa… We have a lot of expectations! Every day like a day sitting beside the computer, very hard, very tired. You should know! Backache, sometimes to a busy program until 2 or 3 points, to get up early every morning and go to bed late in the evening every day, we can promote the way is a commodity, not all frozen people are cheating, not all, Ali Mama, you should know. I hope you can give a precise official description. How do you deal with the problem of how to deal with this problem?. As long as you give a definite answer, we won’t be so hung up, really, every Taobao customers are good. Help a lot of sellers to promote the product. Of course there’s cheating. But is it possible that all of us are cheating?.

look forward to Ali mother’s explanation, really looking forward to. Give me a right way, I don’t do Taobao talk ambiguously, passengers do not know how to do, independent sites have been frozen, no site has been frozen; the record has been frozen, no record of the mass have been frozen; frozen, no mass has been frozen. I was really confused. Do not know how to go next, how to do a Taobao guest. I really do not know what is not cheating. This is a headache, ah, ah, ah. E-mail said that we are in the store to promote links, we are more unacceptable, ah. What to do, how do we believe that Ali mother to


is still looking forward to Ali mother on the freezing of funds to a statement. Give a description of cheating. Even if the Commission is not in November, we will also push. So we do not talk ambiguously. There are still 14 days to review the time for all of the evidence to support the Taobao customer! For Ali mother to say to the lofty expectations! Look forward to!

because there are a lot of Taobao customers looking forward to:


more Taobao customer expectations solidarity review unqualified 14 days after