How to use the money and Amoy promotion

do should have more than a year, has experienced a lot of wind and rain, sad, also learned a lot of things.

school is now a fire, and now also doing guest promotion. Think about how to combine the two days, do store revenue. Two days before the visit the post, found a guest promotion, is in the picture message, the promotion of Xiaonei connection without a shield of the mom, just put the promotion code.

but there are two problems that cannot be solved. 1, the volume is not enough, 2, the correlation is not high.

later found a software, you can brush the popularity, and not a day browsing limit, I collected a lot of their own and Amoy promotion high correlation with pictures, photos, and then give yourself a message, then a lot of people to follow, especially girls, have you bought something.


That’s how

‘s income came.

you can also change, quantitative change to qualitative change.

the next step, I’m ready to collect Taobao, do promotion, the train module has been written:

hope to share with you the site experience