English station combat operations 3 notes rational money


, I in the "English station of combat operations (2) notes:" rational money talks about using Google’s blogger to do English station, this pattern in the eyes of many friends doesn’t need, but I Jin I am here to tell you, use the blogger to English station, both easy and convenient, but also a day to turn over the wall. It was a very happy thing.

I (2) in this series of operations, in fact we can engage in a station group, I built 30 blogger group, covering many industries, because you do every day of the update, usually in a month or so, the basic Google fully included (in the absence of plagiarism, copyright issues under the condition of blogger, and the PR value): 6, so long as you arrange the content and keywords, so traffic is very considerable, but also in the blogger into the AdSense advertising position also can do corresponding arrangements according to your own situation. About how to arrange advertising position, I will elaborate on the increased advertising click on.

English station except through the third party blog to do, can also use WordPress to do English station station station program, but I am here to promote the use of WordPress, because WordPress uses high efficiency, simple management and maintenance of various plug-ins, templates to satisfy our needs during the construction. I would like to talk about WordPress, WordPress is one of the world’s most famous free blog publishing platform, one of the independent blog system has been ranked first. WordPress is based on PHP+MySQL architecture, are free open source software, almost all of the virtual host in the world to support this architecture, very simple to build.


build process, Google gone, you can find Baidu, keyword:wordpress installation, you can find some tutorials related to build, there have been some construction experience of a friend, really legendary 5 minutes to build a blog, because the whole process is kept next. So I’m not here at how to build WordPress, if it is still not clear, you can go to the Emirates side of Wopus, buy a virtual host, there are customer service will help you complete the setup and test.


process does not speak, I talk about some of the details of the site:

1 host performance. The main performance is the most important, no downtime or visit every two or three days, the engine speed is very slow, so that visitors to experience is very bad, a page open for three or four minutes, for foreigners, are not acceptable for myself! So do English station for foreign visitors like, don’t host selection in China, a record, an old outside the ocean to visit your Chinese English station, the estimated speed >