Why are we always grassroots capital injection is not successful 1 million

has been busy for a few days a few trivial things, for every day to write the article I have 4 days did not write the article, really not used to. This evening, I talked to a group of webmaster friends and talked about one of the most essential topics: how can our website go on if someone gives us 1 million to our website. We have discussed this issue, the guardian also understand why we will always be grassroots, because even if we can not inject 1 million of the success of others.

as a webmaster, a lot of time we just part-time, can earn is a pocket money, even if there is a full-time webmaster, every month also thousands of pieces, really can not believe too much. Why can’t we believe that we have a lot of reasons, but the real summary is the following.

one: no funding support.

believe that many webmaster friends think they can not develop the fundamental is no funding support, funds is indeed a relatively big problem. However, even if others inject capital to us 1 million, we may not be able to succeed, what is the reason?

1, we are not competitive. For millions of webmaster, each industry has nearly 10000 owners, in which financial support is certainly not in the minority, why they are still unknown to the public? Because even if our operation there are many factors to consider, such as the site’s profit, project development, operation direction and so on.

2, we have no executive power. In fact, the issue of 1 million of the capital injection in the webmaster forum or had a vote, the majority of the view is that there are no webmaster after the 1 million. There is a big premise is that people’s investment is our website, if you do not do that, what is the meaning of


two: some people say that there is no good team.

for any one company of good operation team is a necessary condition for success, but most of the webmaster is love alone. In fact, many webmaster established the template production, art design, editing, optimization and promotion and operation of a certain understanding, although is a real master but not a few. And the habit of individual combat webmaster, but it is still relatively difficult to integrate into the team. Of course there are exceptions, such as the guardian in the stand in a row in the forum often give you an example: absolutely, they form a thousand yuan studio, the first month profit of 60 thousand yuan, is not worth thinking about? Why 6 people can be together each one has his good points. It is because they can complement each other, at least they are now worth learning. So, for the webmaster, even now, we should also create their own team, after a greater competitiveness.

three: no one agrees with us.

no one agrees with our value, I believe this is the voice of many owners. Most webmasters think their web site is available