What is online advertising Online advertising

From the start at CIMG Hong Huang, has also done when Party A, or less than two years of Party B. Therefore, in the field of online advertising, is a very strong practical experience.   weekend, by the mobile phone is broken, at home finishing ideas. In addition to summing up the experience of online advertising in this area, but also for the better development of Qunar bar.  : first of all, my definition of online advertising is: to persuade the way (whether it is text or picture), to help goods and services open sales and market expansion.   therefore, several key factors of network advertisement, becomes the channel manager in the procurement and planning personnel should pay attention to in the implementation of   1,   to understand the advantages of their goods and services, the characteristic of the advertising content 2,   for selected consumer groups — advertising, to the selected object 3   consumers in the form of advertising, advertising means 4,   arouse the attention of consumers, advertising techniques 5,   the use of advertising to persuade consumers to buy   here; "3" is very important, constantly repeated, attention to repeat, is one of the network advertising means to enhance memory. But this involves another problem: the contribution rate of new and old users, which requires the technology of the algorithm and evaluation, not alone to speak out.   advertising before, but also on the overall plan, analysis and pre judgment enough: 1,   advertising itself to have the plan to have the goal; 2,   the advertising campaign is carried out through the media, rather than face to face communication, such as the salesman of the marketing; 3,   the content of the advertisement as planned, the chosen product or service information;   "2", in fact, a lot of network advertising will be like the salesman’s pitch, in the form of basic want to say. In particular, after the emergence of streaming media, I would like to have the performance of the TV are all applied to online advertising.   in this way, in addition to pushing the product, the camp is not useful for pushing.   therefore, a good network advertising communication, must be in the following four aspects of the process control: 1, the main body of the advertisement; 2, information content; the 3, advertising media; advertising costs, advertising costs. This part mainly wants to say "the network advertisement psychology".   first, consumers to buy a product or service before the psychological activities in the basic decision, through such a process: 1.  attention – perception phase (by the form of advertising to attract) 2.  in the exploration stage (to advertising content hit you) 3.& nbsp; desire assessment stage (product or service promotion for your information, save what? To save money, worry, effort)? 4.  convinced that the decision stage (the characteristics of the network: comparison, parity) 5.  purchase – action phase &nbs.