How to determine the impact of SEO traffic on SP revenue

Some students

SPCHINA in SP as SEO traffic, such as the Zhao Hongguang team, I always don’t encourage people to pursue SEO traffic, use it to do SP to improve the income of SP, Zhao Hongguang in SEO traffic when the income of about 300 a day, I learn the other member of the team said SEO traffic is good, but is effective, so, after a period of time there will be no benefits before the good, because your ranking is not most fixed with erotic nature and without too much substance of the site will decline. But also for the benefit of the SP template is very important through the outflow of Baidu, resulting in a competitive situation is not conducive to the SP operator.

today in the lecture I repeated the above words, someone asked how to determine the impact of SEO traffic to SP revenue.

I’m going to tell you what I’m talking about.

determine the impact of SEO on SP revenue must be

1 first look at keywords.

keyword the higher the user viscosity, the lower the. The higher the user viscosity, the greater the revenue.

2 to see how much SEO traffic in the total flow, must be maintained at around 50%.

to a site 3 years, the amount of access in about 2000 of an old picture site. SEO long-term occupy more than 50% of the site can only explain that: the site has no future. User viscosity is low, the content of the site is the concept that I have been. If you are interested in buying the site, then you want to make a lot of such sites intend to make money will be stranded. SEO traffic is used to develop the way of new users, a site 3 years if the viscosity is good enough, then the amount of access has been more than 2W, so it will be maintained at around 2W?

3 SEO flows through the page, the more content page traffic is more favorable.

SP do not rely on high income, but how to stabilize the expansion of traffic flow! These people should understand in detail in SPCHINA

template class!

traffic is the fundamental things for the operation of many people SP project, a lot of people think that as long as there is a good flow to do SP all don’t have to worry about, actually do so long SP back in summing up experience, think SP flow not so decided the key to success have properties by many people imagine in my opinion, the template design is in the first place. In the SPCHINA training process, I have been emphasizing and trying to convey such a message to the trainees. But a lot of people but neglect the practice, a student in SPCHINA, first SP operation is not smooth, should be in the SP League this stage many of the skills he did not go to ponder what is essential, but later in the advertising operation stage performance is very prominent, his older than me, but also a work of big brother, at the end of the year very busy, but the use of the course of operation, to rely solely on several > low cost flow