What entrepreneurs need to start empty handed

The so-called

is to use their own entrepreneurial start empty-handed, limited resources, spontaneous use of market opportunities, a head facing the development of the cause of the war. What is required to start empty-handed


first, market research assessment opportunities

has no right to speak without investigation. If you do some market research and market opportunities, you can significantly reduce the chances of failure and improve your chances of success before you start your business. The first prerequisite for the successful development of the enterprise is that the market has enough opportunities for the development of the enterprise, so the first step is to make an objective assessment and accurate judgment of the market opportunities.

this includes the following information: (1) market size data; (2) growth potential; (3) drivers; (4) gross profit status; (5) sustainability; (II) competitor analysis. If the enterprises want to grow beyond the conventional, first to choose a fast growing market, choose a life cycle in rapid growth stage of the industry, and to exceed the pace of development of the market ready.

two, keen insight

insight insight is sometimes born, but more is nurture. A truly great leader has a keen eye. In the enterprise without success, employee people around and even businesses do not understand, maybe the main reason is because other people often fail to or not willing to put in the same time and pay the same price, to understand what others cannot see things and the truth. Entrepreneurship is a sacrifice, because entrepreneurs have to give up something in exchange for the realization of long-term goals.

three, seize the opportunity at the critical moment

everyone has one or more opportunities for his life to come, but sadly, when the opportunity comes, you find yourself unable to catch him. Can be seen, how important is the opportunity, no one’s success is inseparable from the opportunity, so in the absence of opportunity should be ready as early as possible.

four, capital accumulation

start empty-handed entrepreneurship is the most difficult to earn a pot of gold, to complete the primitive accumulation of capital. It is difficult to earn a pot of gold in two aspects: (1) if the enterprise can complete the primitive accumulation of capital, the company’s business model and operating system have been market tested, began to mature, so to reach this level is not easy; (2) on the lack of adequate capital support, enterprise the development is much more difficult than the former, because it requires enterprises in all aspects of doing very good.


actually start empty-handed successful entrepreneurs have more or less dependent on some special resources of marriage, family bring help. Making the most of your resources is a shortcut to quick success.

five, the consciousness of public servants

enterprise management has the concept of "stakeholders", which means that if the enterprise wants to survive and develop for a long time, it must be filled with