Four years of experience sharing to interested in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan friends

1, thinking, the development of

seriously hinder Wangzhuan friendsSince the beginning of June 2004 in

self do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, found that many domestic friends have a common heart is just free or charge site is added in the free, free of course do reputable websites may earn a little money, but a free website will not give you too much money, you can subsidies electricity and Internet access is good, but the vast sea, why so lucky? And most friends in charge website free period to join, because of their lack of experience, and few people are willing to join for free during the subordinate agency counseling, or that they do not know to ask his boss or his agent, the agent is a novice, and how coaching his subordinate agents! Before entering the toll period, suddenly became very confused, and begin looking at a loss. The new free Wangzhuan, fail, fail again, that lost to the higher confidence, it is deplorable!

free website features:

(1), foreign net profit more than 90%, is not trustworthy, but also can be said to be a Swindlers Company, even if you do a minimum payment amount is more than 90% of bad faith, some domestic free Wangzhuan, without a penny of investment, the vast majority of the site is not stable, some even don’t speak credit, not to pay members; there is a

(2), is too slow to make money (although the development of offline are easier), but even if you have hundreds of members of the lower monthly income is not very optimistic, some of the more you Wangzhuan offline development you will die faster, that is several together add up to only tens of dollars, although for some you pay, but the poor, even the electricity does not come back to earn, wasted valuable time, I had all these cost compensation.

(3), a lot of people have a corruption free two word psychology, dream of the sky really will drop down a big pie for yourself, will? Some people have been giving them cheat, also stubborn, really sad. Many stations under the guise of defrauding the join for free membership registration, white hard for them to make money, so I said: fools do free wangzhuan.

2, honesty is the life of Wangzhuan (this is important)


often saw on the Internet, so foreign websites now wrong Chinese payment, I think this is not necessarily the site itself, the majority of it is at least the Wangzhuan friends integrity even their life would not attempt to use trickery to earn more profits, but I do not know the magic of a ruler, meaning "daogaoyizhang. Have a lot of friends in the lower pull, I do some publicity referrals, I send you a full set of advertising software, do my downline commission how, this is really work for you? You can earn a lot of money? I think not just inevitable, deception those bent on cheap people who want something for nothing, to. The result can only be the sadness of the participants, as long as you have the intention to find good on the site. Truly successful