20Click China’s first full collection of registration Raiders and introduction


20click. Inc, was founded in the United States, we are committed to providing advertisers with rated number oriented user access, user clicks, questionnaires and other customized services for advertisers to provide a set of visits, data collection, user activity training, user loyalty training solutions.

with traffic, user retention time, user activity index, user loyalty become key factors determining the success of a website, a website also determines the sustainability of investment and financing.

20click’s new media business model is to allow advertisers to have enough time and chance to show their services and products in front of consumers. And 20click analysis of user interest, only to provide users interested in advertising click. Thus 20click new media model will affect the entire Internet advertising field.

to see if there is any difference between 20click and

we give a simple example: ABCNEWS and CNN for the United States online news service provider, ABCNEWS advertising in 20click, 20click users can click on the bonus will be able to click into the ABCNEWS. When the user needs to 20click news first thought is ABCNEWS instead of CNN because the 20Click has access to the user guide every day, have long been accustomed to the layout of news information corresponding latent meaning has become a fan of ABCNEWS users, so our users are more willing to go to ABCNEWS because they feel more friendly and more understanding thus, for advertisers to promote the accumulation and create user’s brand. Of course, the same story can occur in any industry, in 20click advertising advertisers than competitors have more opportunities to contact consumers by consumers.

where do I come from?

advertisers and 20click signed an agreement to promote the release of advertising, advertisers pay for advertising costs to 20click. Participate in the click to visit the advertiser’s website, answer the advertiser’s questionnaire 20click users will receive bonus income. All of the revenue from 20click users comes from our advertisers.

Why can

make money by clicking on


because advertisers pay to advertise for 20click, so every time you click on the advertisers browse 20click will pay you the corresponding click bonus.

What is the

20click service agreement and why it is necessary to comply with


click here to view the service policy agreement, 20click registered users must comply with the agreement, any breach of the service agreement will be canceled by the user.

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