When creating a start up company in the form of pyramid schemes

author of this article is the founder of the cow cow church

brother had a contact with MLM organization experience.

brother, a friend of A Jun and brother contact, he operated a good project in Ji’nan, make a lot of money. Brother asked what project, A Jun language is very mysterious, said to know.

elder brother a listen to, music, and he encountered the legendary MLM? So, brother happily bought a train ticket to Ji’nan. Because, curious about how a MLM organization brainwashing.

to Ji’nan, A Jun brother received a settlement in Ji’nan. Not long after, A took a graceful figure of women came to brother on the project.

the beautiful woman told brother, this project sounds like a pyramid scheme, but brother must listen to her finish. The name of the project, called the five order. All over the world are very popular, the model has also won the Nobel prize (HA HA), and now Amway are used in this capital incubator model.

The specific form of

model is: to 3300 yuan as a unit, a share, each time to buy 21 shares, or 69300 yuan, to pay 500 yuan management fee, you can join the organization become a star member. Each member can develop three downline, downline also pay $69300. When developing over three line, will be upgraded to become star members, each of the same three referrals to develop three members, when the three line are full, before the two members will become Samsung membership upgrade. And so on, until the system development to about 800 people, the top of the "five-star" membership can be out of money, cash.

during this period, different members can have different dividends. The final out of the people, they can get about 10 million 400 thousand yuan of revenue.

brother squinted at the beauty in front of brother with beautiful enough to feast the eyes, heart thought this project is far less attractive in front of roaring waves.

is about beauty also saw brother heart banter, and soon got up to leave. Not long, and has an uncle, a teenage boy, an aunt and brother came to chat.

dinner that day, A Jun called his group of people together to cook. At this time, only to find a few friends in front of the friends are inside, we cook each other, playing cards, chat, unknowingly in the elder brother forgot that this is a pyramid scheme.


, A asked his brother Jun, said the project is not very exciting, but want to look at the "organization" can also have what strokes. A Jun confidently told his brother, brother saw today is only a model, but I do not know what people are doing, so that the elder brother to investigate two days.

second days, A Jun began to take his brother in the area to visit, a day to go to the family of the family, each family has three or four people to persuade brother. These people, there are really