f you want to sell disruptive products you have to subvert the buyer’s thinking mode

Abstract how entrepreneurs will be creative and their products to the market? How to deal with the sales promotion blocked, the phenomenon of weak? This view is: if you want to sell your ideas to the managers, purchasers and users, so you have to do is not only to change their thinking, but also to change their thinking the way.

everyone knows such a story: a team to develop a breakthrough innovation products, but this product has been discussed in the company for a long time, but has not yet listed. Later, it was finally launched, beginning in the first buyers set off a sales boom; but the cruel reality of weak sales in good times don’t last long, followed. Although the first customers ebullience of a wide range of products, but the promotion is slow, even to provide customer support and training are of no avail. The team made every effort to achieve "disruptive innovation" and "across the chasm" technical breakthrough, but the results are very frustrating. In the end what is not enough to do it?

problem is that relying solely on data, information, value orientation of these elements, not enough to achieve the smooth sale of innovative products. Although the saying goes, "seeing is believing", but in the matter of innovation, but the truth is that "I believe I see". If you want to sell your ideas to managers, buyers, and users, you need to do more than just change the way they think, but also change the way they think.

if you want to make the mode of thinking in your business power, please proceed from the following three steps:

A. recognition transformation

the first step is to identify the potential shift in thinking. This is different from your value orientation. This is a vision of how the world works (usually unconscious).

to find out the change, ask yourself a few questions: the first is what kind of insight leads you to innovation? What do you think of your solution in place makes it difficult to understand? People see light suddenly at what time, from the original sense of interest become cheerful


try to list your answers one by one. The answer is not good or bad, is to improve the current situation. Consider, for example, companies that sell "big data" software and services. This shift does not refer to a shift from simplicity to intelligence or from small to large. In the data field, a moment of Epiphany perhaps related to the decision-making level of thinking transformation (from intuition to rely on, is related to the change of data analysis) model (to use the algorithm from the use of, or change the data tab) to use the relevant (authorization from the orientation to).

B. find the crux of

, then, analyze how your thinking patterns have hindered your success. The crux of the problem is usually related to one of the following situations. Lenovo related symptoms, the answer will emerge.

The current situation of

: how to think about how things work. For a question that seems obvious to you, is there no