Newbie Wangzhuan million sharing method

There are many ways of Wangzhuan

online, it also gives some crooks free ride. I as a newbie once cheated, half a year ago, I saw in the 58 online part-time clerk recruitment information, through the above left contact each other, the other to let me send messages by mobile phone number to receive the work. I sent a message, see no response even several, ask the number is not wrong, do not react? Let me try again for each other. I feel wrong, stopped, the query cost, found that mobile phone fee deducted ten dollars. Depressed ah! Why do these deceptive information 58 do not deal with it?

went on to find part-time on the Internet, to spend money to buy a Wangzhuan site Wangzhuan tutorial is invalid! Money affiliate marketing software website VIP proxy, free Wangzhuan is invalid! To pull the head, they fall into the trap of service to others is invalid! Saw Taobao customers this east west, a few days to understand, buy space and domain name to do their own station, on the Internet to download a program, do Taobao customers, learn SEO, learn, learn things too much, to more than a month, and the pay is not proportional to income, give up! Actually Taobao off is not as good as I imagined money, no those online tutorial said that good money

!After several failures

lessons, I came to a small experience, put flat mentality, do not easily put money!

accidental one day, I saw a part-time information on the 58 man, so I follow the above information to contact each other, after a detailed understanding, this part-time job do not invest money, as long as the corresponding submitted personal information is good, safe


submitted information, after examination, I became a part-time Wumart brand manager. Ha ha! Then go on to do some of the experience of Taobao customers to take out, targeted in a number of websites, forums, QQ group on the release of information through the mail to QQ friends recommend good products. After a month of hard work I earned more than 2 thousand


my sales order!


next I will continue to work hard, to make use of this opportunity to earn a few million! Have good experience, I will continue to share with you on the Admin5 (Admin5 first)