Liu Qiangdong readme the original dream is to be in politics when the county e commerce do not want


I like to deal with young people. Because I have had the same confusion, frustration and joy about the young, I want to tell you my own experience and experience.

I took the Jingdong’s management trainee to desert sand. Countless sand in the desert, the most fortunate sand, but also occasionally can float to the surface, enjoy a sun, enjoy a spring breeze.

, of course, there is a grain of sand, the sun may never not seen any, has been buried below.

everyone is like a grain of sand in the desert. Jingdong over the past decade has been a great success, not what I have in particular, I am just one of thousands of ordinary Chinese, but I am a bit lucky.

entrepreneurship, is a dream and glory of youth.

in the past to get cash transactions are illegal, e-commerce do not want to think about

over the past decade, I insist on doing some things, some people do not understand, including many people around are difficult to understand. They asked me, why don’t you make yourself comfortable and happy, why not live with yourself?

we have to talk from my family, my ancestral home is in Hunan, great grandfather, grandfather was born in Hunan, so my grandfather’s generation is still very rich. After the country to engage in public-private partnerships, family property is gone, and then forced to move to Jiangsu, Suqian, had to stop to make a living. I was born in a rural area of Jiangsu Lake in Suqian Luoma, because his father would sail on to the shipyard, a worker.

later, because of Luoma Lake to the water, the whole family moved to the town to a nameless village dragon.

there are only three things in this place: mortar, sorghum, yellow grass. Mortar is a kind of stone, not a stone, the earth is not soil, it is difficult to grow crops on the mortar, the only grain is sorghum. There are half a tall, thick and dense grass. In a word, the living conditions are much worse than those in the lake.

then a penny demolition are not true, the migration of poor and blank, then the obscure village households to be given a name: Changan village atmosphere.

when his father was still sail, take 12 dollars a month to feed our family, at home with my mother, my sister was born. The first time I saw my grandmother, I just learned to walk, they rushed to the grandmother’s arms, since then began to grow up with her grandmother.

‘s grandmother, a total of 5 children, each child she gave birth to a grandson, grandson, our cousin, aunt, brother sister, cousin, a dozen peers. At that time the land is difficult, but also to pay grain tax, and no other income. So, grandma is very poor.

eat food is basically sweet potato. From 6, July began to eat sweet potato in spring, has been >