Shanghai a new model of the hotel is scheduled to challenge Ctrip

        challenge Ctrip hotel booking someone playing strange card"

filed a hotel reservation, a lot of people first thought Ctrip, mango and other sites. The recent emergence of the hotel in Shanghai, Hong Kong real time booking network, due to the introduction of a different and the former hotel reservation mode, causing widespread concern in the industry, known as a strange card".


, the biggest difference between Ctrip and Mango Hotel reservation is that they are the hotel’s distribution channels, we have built a platform for the hotel to use our platform for direct marketing." Red Thai instant hotel reservation site operation director Zhihao million yesterday on the "daily economic news" said that the reservation belongs to Shanghai Xiuxing Business Consulting Co. Ltd. is the predecessor of articles for the real network, in July 3rd this year started the transition, "articles for housing network is established in 2004, and basically profit model Ctrip same."

specific approach is: through the establishment of a web site, the line to establish a call center, the use of membership cards in the form of membership development. However, after more than two years of operation found that despite a lot of investment in human and financial costs, the effect is not ideal.

Red Thai network transformation is not only a major adjustment of the company’s own strategy, in fact, is a warning to the industry as a whole." Wan Zhihao said, it turns out that there is no way to completely imitate and follow, only differentiated competition is likely to succeed. Red Thai network is now the practice is: to adjust their website to the hotel platform, the platform system is basically open to the cooperative hotel. The hotel can be adjusted according to the situation of its own room in the Red Thai online. In this way, guests can see the hotel’s most intuitive room reservation from the Red Thai online. On the other hand, if the guests through the Red Thai network after the housing, you can also get the final confirmation from the hotel side, and can get a low price.

in addition to being able to do real-time, Wan Zhihao believes that the transition to the company has brought the greatest benefits: greatly saving the cost of the company. After up to the company to have more than 40 call center customer service representative, and now only 2 is enough. And the role of these two customer service representatives, more value-added services for the guests, such as the guests can not deal with the Internet to temporarily change the reservation, etc.. In addition, the Red Thai network canceled the issue of membership card channels, but also to save the production of cards, personnel and the issuance of site leasing costs.

"in the past is to follow Ctrip, and now we have to compete with him." Wan Zhihao said. According to the statistics of China Internet Information Center, there are about more than 320 thousand hotels with different sizes in china. As a direct sales platform, our customers do not limit." Wan Zhihao said that since the July transition, the site currently has more than 1 thousand Hotel partners, their growth rate is 100 per month.