How to develop online advertisers

how to develop online advertisers?

          for the customer, can not spend a lot of time to read a lot about the advertiser’s website news, visitor comments and articles, so in a prominent position clearly to publish advertisers charges, contact information and advertising characteristics is very important. In addition to the Internet to do a good job of publicity, publicity opportunities in the network is also very important, including the things in the toolbox, the slogan on the T-shirt, stickers affixed to the bumper of the car, slogans, etc.. ?
for web marketers should pay attention to time, voice, listen to potential customers such as: they seek what kind of advertising? What can contribute more to buy? What they are more interested in the part of the website? As the saying goes: the customer is god. Therefore, the voice of the customer is the best source of information to expand advertising sales revenue, which helps marketers to develop a basic online advertising sales strategy. How to develop more advertisers, need to have high quality, high level of marketing personnel, in order to do a good job of marketing, marketing personnel should pay attention to many problems.
      we should make clear the marketing personnel in contact advertising items, and enterprises should be the general manager or marketing manager contact? Both of which should be contacted, so marketers can make more, faster and more accurate information. Of course, at any time can not forget the company receptionist, they may be able to grasp the information you need, they will give you a lot of benefits.
      when it comes to advertising agencies, marketing personnel may ask should contact with advertising agencies or direct contact with customers, of course, for marketers to master more comprehensive information, so it should have maintained contact and advertising agents and customers, if you can get the support of both, then you the marketing work will be done better. When you keep in touch with the customer, if you know that the customer has the intention to buy, if you put this customer information feedback to the advertising agent, then the marketing channel will be wider. But if you first and advertising agents established contact, and direct contact with customers, so it is not appropriate, because the customer has with the advertising agency business, it was not fair to ad agents, but for no reason what media customers, sales staff to avoid them, and let the advertising agency contact with them. If the marketing staff to direct contact with customers, should first obtain the consent of the agent.
      secondly, it is important for marketers to make a good first impression when looking for potential customers. In the beginning, start with a private letter, this letter should be written in formal but not board, for example in the beginning to write citations, such as: "Dear president (or manager), in an exhibition, I am with you.