Shop accused of new regulations hinder youth entrepreneurship

Beijing "shop run as" policy implementation in August 1st, there have been some shop could not carry, began to "Xueben sale", ready to shut down.

I’m determined not to register, it is not enough to shut the shop, continue to return to the unit to work, or go back to his hometown to open a physical store." Today, Taobao, a shopkeeper lovesngo told reporters. Lovesngo live in Beijing in Taobao full-time cosmetics, she is the shop new regulations to regulate the object.


network has more people against the shop the new regulations, a website survey, 9 users involved in the investigation against the "shop run as" the implementation, there are more than 8 of the netizens think the new shop in the present stage implementation will stifle the enthusiasm of the seller. Experts also have the voice of opposition, in July 31st, Jiang Qiping, Lv Benfu, and so on, 11 experts jointly called for the suspension of the implementation of the new regulations shop. On August 3rd, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma Yun talked about the problem of shop the new regulations currently hot, has said the relevant departments and intention to reach understanding, and please give reassurance. More media bold speculation, Beijing shop rules may suspend execution.

test the water for 4 days, Beijing shop new regulations how effective

?Industrial and Commercial Bureau

in Beijing city has been the introduction of new regulations on their every act and every move in the teeth of the storm, are subject to the national media attention. On media speculation, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce special trading supervision and management department director Wang Jing today to answer this reporter, said: we do not have a new argument."

"it’s been expected." An e-commerce website official said in an interview with reporters, the seller is now selling goods because the message is not unified and overwhelmed. The person in charge told reporters that they query to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and Industry Bureau of Beijing, as well as the various trade and industry, said the statement is not uniform, and even the same person in charge of the Department before and after the presentation are inconsistent.

Taobao on the "crown" seller "eggplant", after a year of work in the online shop business, and now her store monthly turnover of seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan. She said that many young people have had a dream to set up shop on the Internet, if there are so many restrictions in the future online shop, there are many disadvantages for young entrepreneurs.

and Wu Jinglian, a well-known economist, consistent with the views of the economist, said Taobao, and other networks on the C2C trading platform is the best way to solve the employment of the group.

‘s purpose is to "shop run as a tax on tax, even if the existing shop, but only 3 to the annual income of 500 million yuan, and the" C2C "model can solve the employment of 1 million people." The e-commerce website official said. In his view, the number of college graduates in the case of a new high, C2C entrepreneurial model is a way to solve the employment of College students.

China Internet Network Information Center survey in June, Beijing’s online shopping is the main 25~30 year old youth. Mastery >