How to quickly search engine included in your site

The site was built, but no statistical data access at progress, how many webmaster was helpless, depressed. To promote the site, most of the owners first thought is to visit the various search engines, so there are many webmaster will read the search engine page of the search records, find a suitable search engine login software, or spend lots of money to buy all kinds of genuine software to search engine landing landing, there is the manual to find the various search engines landing entrance, a landing, but busy until the last, but has little effect.

for the new landing site search engine, divided into two cases, one is FFA, which is artificial directory (such as DMOZ), the directory need artificial to landing, the landing software was generally landing, but the success rate is very low, the other is a real search engine.

their commitment is generally calculated from the landing date, generally around disposed within the new site for the webmaster, it seems that time is too long, but not necessarily can be included. How can I make the major search engines quickly included my website? This is a question that is often asked by me.

through my observation, summed up the search engine website of simple introduce to you now.