The same way Wu Zhixiang VS easy to Hang Zhou grass root counter attack Or rich handsome overbearing

company has a natural style is different, some people on the land, aiming at the world many "poor grass root", they fear, taboo "burning", more willing to step by step forward; but some companies will naturally target groups as "handsome", do the ultimate service and focus on the user experience, "to be the best of the best".

I horse today will introduce two annual entrepreneurial candidates, 10 years of entrepreneurship, and dare to many tourist industry heavyweights PK the same way network founder Wu Zhixiang, and work only 3 years, more than $100 million C round of financing is easy to car founder Zhou hang.


Wu Zhixiang: Cheng Conglai did not burn the money

I horse: Wu Zhixiang by superior execution in the same way on Alibaba, led the elite gradually in the scenic spot ticket booking area and soon became the first foothold. 2014, the same way connected by Ctrip, Tencent huge strategic investment, backed by a large platform, to create their own leisure travel first platform.

following entrepreneurs & I dark horse interview with Wu Zhixiang:


founder of the same way network Wu Zhixiang oral:

first financing: more money, one-time arrival

the same way in the past ten years is not too clear to play, because in the beginning, when I came out from the Alibaba, the first idea is to Alibaba B2B mode and tourism together, do a tour of the B2B.

but even with this idea, did not dare to do it, because this is to spend money, so we started to help others do most simple start, a year to earn about 100000 dollars, with the money into it and do what we want to do B2B platform. In 2004, our B2B platform has been built, and it is also an occasional idea – we found the first product called online business card. With this online business card, we will be more clear in the direction of B2B, nothing more than selling business cards, selling more, the more money the company earns. Basically to (20) to participate in the "win in China" in the year, with the way the business card has been sold to the first in the country, in fact, that is about two thousand or three thousand of the charges of the user, but is the first of the 06.

in 2006 to participate in the win in China, a variety of big brother, venture capital told me that you want to engage in large, engage in how to engage in large, then we are not very clear ideas. But we know to make light on our own accumulation certainly not sure to financing. Then at that time we at night during the day to write a business plan, investment, running about three or four months, basically all the gray back.

in fact, in 2006, the domestic online industry is