Thunder ten years in age how to burn blood to survive


August 14th, thunder founder and CEO Zou Shenglong keynote speech at the 2013 China Internet Conference, will be a low-key thunder once again into the public view. Since the last IPO blocked, how about the development of thunder in two years, the state of the business interview with Huang Peng, senior vice president and director of thunder.

answer is not bad. Currently thunder users about 460 million monthly active users of 300 million, of which more than paid members of more than $about 4000000 per member per month, ranging from 10-30 yuan, paid membership is the main income thunder. Now, the thunder has become the second largest value-added user platform.

Huang Peng told reporters, the thunder has already been established for ten years. Ten years, the thunder did what? The last IPO is blocked, the thunder not only food instead of living better, why? How to achieve sustainable development of the thunder is? And how to deal with the common problems in the growth of enterprise



(pictured director and senior vice president of thunder Huang Peng)

ten years of grinding sword from the attention to the layout of Internet users to download entertainment

thunderbolt business landscape construction started in every step, download tools, and on the basis of the download acceleration upgrade strategy into three, across the download, video, games, composition of cloud acceleration strategy.

(1) started in the download tool, focusing on doing download acceleration

thunder to the user the most profound impression is to download. The same time with the thunder download tools are fast, donkey, BT, etc., but now the best live or thunder. Currently thunder has covered about 97% of broadband users. Thunder can survive on the one hand, because it is from the beginning of the use of distributed cloud computing technology, this technology is now the prototype and the foundation of cloud acceleration. On the other hand, because it is constantly exploring user needs, focus on market changes, and constantly adjust their products according to changes in demand. However, the same is always focused on getting cloud acceleration service.

thunder two founders Zou Shenglong, Cheng Hao are engineers, they are a line of code to write a line of code. And after two years to find this code can not meet the needs of users, can not meet the market environment, it is rewritten once. Thunder’s ten years insisted that a lot of stories are outside do not know, we have been doing so, do today." Huang Peng described how the thunder passed ten years.

(2) to change the image of a simple download cloud acceleration strategy to upgrade

When will

a point to do after the thunder naturally not satisfied with simply download. Thunder in the existing business and data on the basis of the original download will be extended to download cloud acceleration, streaming media acceleration (cloud seeding), the end of the cloud and interactive data to speed up the acceleration that is three parts. These technologies are based on the original distributed computing technology