Sum up the mistakes ‘ve made in recent years

2013 Spring Festival holiday has ended, I set a goal for the next year: starting today, countdown, before the Spring Festival in 2014, I want to earn OM.

In the

before I put up a pageantry to launch a new business, I think it is necessary to pour a pot of cold water, because I know that if you want to achieve their goals, we must sincerely face and correct their own past more than 3 years in the way business mistakes. I hope that the summary and reflection of the error can not only make me more sober, but also to benefit and warn others to go on the road of entrepreneurship.

error 1: passion > reason

I have been to some countries, contact some people, see the world, and it is these experiences let me in my own judgment is always too confident. Whenever I see a new thing or something, I am always excited to think that I have discovered a gold mine. He began to think little of the related affairs, and when he spent a lot of time and effort, often disappointed that this gold mine has been cut almost.

I admit I

from the bones is a passion for business people, but I have to admit that I was not a sensible person entrepreneurship. So no matter what I do in any project or thing, I will be treated with reason, in the development of related things, do a good job of related research and investigation.

found an empty gold mine, although it will be lost, but it is better than the empty gold mines in the energy and money much better!

error two: good at finding other people’s mistakes, but ignored the reasons to find their own

self start, I have been looking for good business partners and good staff. In other words, I have been on the side of the people are not satisfied with the state, this is not satisfied in many aspects: not satisfied with their work efficiency, not satisfied with their working attitude, even not satisfied with their personal life.

until recently, I realized that I made two mistakes made by most entrepreneurs, specifically:

1 do not take their own standards to ask others.

maybe you are NB, perhaps you have received numerous praise, but this does not mean that you can use their own standards to ask the people around you. Never expect the people around you can work like you, because the company is not their family, what for you with


2 is that they don’t work hard or do you have the ability to make them work hard?

employees work hard on the premise that they need to have enough power, and how to make them have the power depends on the ability of entrepreneurs. If the entrepreneur can not fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, the staff will not work hard, it is impossible to make you satisfied.

for a simple example: >