9158 Fu int oral grass root a flower in the eyes of the nternet economy

According to Hong Kong media

news, real-time social video platform (9158 video community Columba interactive parent company) today listed in Hong Kong, close to the issue price of HK $5.28 offer price cap pricing. Columba interactive announced a public offering in Hong Kong, part 7502 valid applications received a total subscription of HK $2 billion 316 million, which shares was oversubscribed 75.13 times.

documents show that the major shareholders include interactive Columba founder and chairman Fu Zhengjun, Sina’s Sina and Hongkong private equity fund IDG.


is what the company? 9158.com? Never heard of, never mind, because you weren’t their target users.

9158 company’s headquarters in Hangzhou, Beijing and Internet Co do a good job of different concepts, Zhejiang businessmen do business ideas are very simple, is to make money. From 2005 to now, poly music network 9158.com has been in development for 30 million active users, 700 thousand users online at the same time, 1-2 million registered users. Annual income of hundreds of millions of dollars, typical of the company to make a lot of money.

9158 revenue in 2013 was 548 million yuan, an increase of 20%. 2011 this data was 384 million yuan, an increase of $456 million in 2012. 9158 in 2013 net profit of 206 million yuan, an increase of 30%. 2011 this data was 140 million yuan, in 2012 this figure was RMB 158 million yuan.

9158 CEO Fu Zhengjun forthrightly said, 9158.com is Hangzhou’s second largest Internet Co, not listed on the national Internet companies, both revenue and profits are the highest.

you don’t believe us?.

but when you have the opportunity to listen to the Fu int about his view on the Internet, and seriously study his 9158, you will feel this man really is a wonderful work in the field of the internet grow China.

why do video sites can only burn? Why the Internet mode will free? Why small bosses and migrant workers can prop up a Internet Co? Why an income of 2000 yuan for migrant workers are willing to spend 1000 yuan per month in the global top…… Well, I’m not interested in how much money 9158 makes.

Fu Zhengjun is a man with a story, his 9158 a little mean.

following oral record for Fu Zhengjun:

copy do not learn not to go is a good model

9158 is my second venture. The first venture was in 2000, I founded the website of the text of the advertising exchange alliance, Tai Chi chain, won the United States to become a fund of $1 million in venture capital, the establishment of the sky map company. If it is the Internet should remember the old man, indeed a burst of fire. I left in 2005.