My station is less than 10 of the profit model on P

first thanks to A5, I was a rookie, the first time to write the original article on the network, I chose the A5. And through the audit. I am excited to dream about this thing (veteran don’t laugh at me…)

if you are also a friend of the site, please look at my previous article: my site experience, to avoid detours

this article is about the operation of a real Taobao profit model, although not much money. But it has been profitable. (little pride)

first, I know Wangzhuan is a short time, in October last year, the first time know Wangzhuan, Taobao is off. At that time, a few days to buy a program to buy a domain name, buy space, directly on the whole!

I choose mode:

I take is to return to the present model, because it is easy to repeat, we think about it, you are successful in this application, you will be holding on. This is my idea of building the rebate!

but a rebate not good place, when it began to pull customers, easy for someone else to worry is fishing station. This is a headache, I will teach you the way I.

please pay attention to the novice, do Wangzhuan must have executive power, as long as the execution. Then you’re not far from success. It must be emphasized!

my customer choice:

I do not have the

as Taobao customer, my station is not to show.

from the beginning of this year, no more than 10 IP. Monthly earnings of 200-500 or so, enough to pay the bill, but also in my case I completely lost one side, relying on back customers, it is worth mentioning that, I registered an effective user does not exceed 10 people. So how do I do that?

guest should have heard about: the first large group of Internet cafes, yes, my client is extracted from here, why? Because the user is pure buyers, but as far as I know, Taobao monthly consumption of not less than 3000. So how do we find these customers?. This is where many people fall, you know. When you enter the official group, the user can be said to be the gold in front of you ah!

permanent repeat

well, said the method, I entered the formal group. Active enough, there are women, so difficult to learn the women’s way of speaking. Some people say, it takes a long time to start to draw customers. Oh, we can immediately. As long as their topic you insert, naturally there will be a few people to chat with you. Topics such as a little cold down, you whisper her sister " XX ~ you often Taobao shopping. We communication with me oh ".