Today’s landing Yiqifa dream bazaar


Hello everyone!

dream bazaar Yiqifa

landing today!

dream bazaar is committed to the international advanced marketing idea, combined with the development trend of domestic shopping, to practice the "make women more beautiful and confident" dream, to promote the 360 natural female lingerie. To create a female underwear Chinese dream bazaar first direct selling brand.

commission ratio: monthly sales of less than 20 thousand yuan (including 20 thousand), commission for effective sales of 6%

monthly sales of 2 – 50 thousand (including 50 thousand), the Commission is valid sales of 8%

monthly sales of more than 50 thousand, the Commission is valid sales of 10%

More than

commission to make adjustments, such as notice, please pay attention to this event!

delivery cycle: January 15, 2008 –

in January 15, 2009

data return: real time

settlement cycle: month end


from today until March 31, 2008, the new launch dream bazaar advertisers, within 3 months of the cumulative net sales reached 10000 yuan, giving 1000 yuan in cash awards in April 30th.

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