Eleven major breakthrough in the door massage O2O

is now the O2O venture which industrial innovation lead to get in by every opening, are amazing. The traditional industry, is a vigorous O2O transformation. O2O massage industry is continuous war.

and for the door massage O2O such a more humane and convenient massage services, you will be about? Do you dare to date?

door massage O2O huge cake market

uses two words to sum up the life of modern people — fast, nervous.

fast, intense pace of life, has brought rapid economic development, while the rapid economic development, but also to accelerate the pace of life and anxiety.

the cost of this fast-paced life is that more and more people are living with their lives in exchange for wealth. Fortunately, now people’s health awareness began to increase, coupled with the strengthening of the economic base, the choice of nature, harmony between man and nature, from the inside to the outside of the Chinese health care regimen is more and more gentle. Nature is also due to the effect of traditional Chinese medicine is indeed after thousands of years of precipitation and the verification of the former.

massage, Chinese medicine as one of the means for the treatment of diseases, as ordinary people daily health practices, the market has been popular.

so, is in full swing to the traditional industries of the wind of the O2O style changes, but also to the massage industry. For the service industry, the most essential changes and upgrades, is to make the service quality more extreme.

so, with a strong subversion of the Internet technology as a tool to facilitate, user-friendly features of the door massage O2O, came into being.

it is understood that the years in the field of Management Consulting Senior Consultant, and now "to on-site massage services for the main" massage O2O platform CEO Tan Jun comfortable said, O2O future will become people’s way of life, the market demand is great, there is a certain space for development. The massage service due to high frequency, high customer price, easy to expand "characteristics, obtained O2O entrepreneurs like.

so, in the management of the industry for many years to train the business sensitive sense of smell, as well as traditional Chinese medicine massage massage industry’s unique understanding of the family, has also been attracted by the huge market massage O2O.

belongs to the O2O platform and massage Kung Fu bear CEO Wang Yun also gave the media had an account balance: Beijing within the fifth ring about 10000 line massage stores, assuming 2000 orders through the network, the average of each store has 5 massage massage, each of 7 single day, every single customer price 100 yuan, so every day Beijing massage store water is 7 million yuan. If all the cities in the country together is the 20 Beijing market volume, so that it is only a day of 140 million yuan of water.

apparently, a day of 1.4> massage