What will you encounter on the road

editor’s note: the author of this paper, ANNA JOHANSSON is a freelance writer, in the analysis of the venture on the road rarely mentioned challenges.

when you start a business, you will know that you will face many risks and challenges. Do you know your income will no longer be stable (at least not in a period of stability), you know you will sacrifice before the individual career development opportunities, you also know that your ideas are quite likely will die. These are common sense, the majority of entrepreneurs who have just started to do a good job in these areas of ideological preparation.

but if you really start a business, you will find that what you are preparing for is not a fatal challenge in your business. And those you are not ready to challenge to the end will get you down, unfortunately, many business challenges never mentioned.

1, unexpected expenses

meticulous budget staff hate this situation. If you have already calculated the cost of all the products, including the cost of raw materials, the estimated cost of hiring the manufactured goods, and the labor cost of the product, etc.. You’ve done everything you can to take into account the budget, and you expect a 35% profit, which is the average level of the industry.

if the plastic prices, how to do? If you choose to appear in mechanical flaws, you must update to a more expensive model, how to do? If you expected before the resignation of employees, how to do? These are just some of the possibilities. There is no doubt that these unexpected expenses will eat your profits.

2, process consistency

when you first started, almost everything was in a state of instability. You don’t have the time, ability or experience to work out all the work in the company. As a result, your employees will do their best to work, but your workflow will be diversified.

in the beginning, this is not a big thing, anyway, do you want to go to a "temporary creation" in most areas, but when you want to start the formal process, this will make you crazy. Trying to strengthen the practice, and at the beginning to be consistent.

3, fraud

people will take advantage of you. This is the true state of modern business. If you use e-commerce platform to serve users, they will use the return terms for you. If you are a high-end business users, they will cheat you on the bill. If you want to take out the money, you may be taken to court.

obviously, you know there is such a fraud, people in order to get the money will do anything, but in the business of moving toward formal, very easy to be unexpected surprise. Be mindful of potential fraud.

4, enthusiasm

startups need to do a lot of hard work. Long >