New opportunities nternet plus catering entrepreneurs revolution

is a combination of food and beverage industry manufacture and labor service in one, providing services to consumers and food safety, the Internet to almost all of the products are from the line moved online, and the food and beverage industry processing and production characteristics, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner will need to move to online innovation to meet consumer demand.

what was the restaurant like in the past?

high rent, high labor costs, raw material costs, marketing communication costs, restaurant management efficiency is low, high operating costs.


1, low efficiency of staff: low wages, poor quality, low efficiency and natural;

2 is not perfect, the restaurant management: such as serving slow, send the wrong meals, low quality of service;

4, cost control unscientific: light source, no savings, high operating costs;

Internet plus wisdom restaurant should be what kind of


1 information single, cashier, kitchen management, full platform data reporting system;

2 new media, Internet marketing solutions, from the line to the promotion of online publicity can reach several times the traditional marketing effect;

3, the use of three meals a day to effectively enhance the effectiveness of human resources, skills to enhance staff costs, service experience increased;

4, data management restaurant, scientific decision-making, to avoid waste, effectively control the restaurant operating costs and enhance the efficiency of restaurant operations.


traditional restaurant through the Internet to achieve integration of online and offline channel services, through information management to improve revenue. For example, in the work of an office building, in the past a lot of people from work began to consider what where to eat lunch today, this is a big problem, and now almost the whole building is through the WeChat lunch meal, the age of the Internet, traditional restaurant management gradually upgraded from the past. Single entity or phone takeout, gradually upgrade to Internet information WeChat restaurant meals delicacy food information delivery system of WeChat, near dozens of hundreds of small and medium-sized restaurant to apply for registration, an office worker or a school student can always open dozens of WeChat WeChat restaurant near a view to choose any service, whether it is online booking, WeChat takeaway, take food, dining, group purchase, etc.. Do not line up, do not have to wait, do not worry, three meals food WeChat restaurant and unified network information management and fast delivery service. To provide consumers with personalized customized services.


the Internet reduces the purchase cost, we can put some semi-finished products or raw materials ingredients from online purchases, each store has a different order, and chain catering enterprises can collect orders, unified logistics distribution center, the information can be collected after the transfer.