Hungry COO Kang Jia entrepreneurship is forcing you to enhance the cognitive process in practice

is at the beginning of the September school season, the Ministry of the mobile Internet industry incubation center organized the "Innovation Campus" in Beijing universities has. COO is invited to Beijing Institute of Technology, Beihang University, North China Electric Power University, Beijing Jiaotong University entitled "from students to entrepreneurs," the speech.

he is from hungry entrepreneurial experience, encourage students to practice, learning in practice, find their own wishful on campus business partners, the highest level and encourage everyone to pursue entrepreneurial innovation.

The following is

concon in the original speech excerpt: Beijing Jiaotong University,

we started in the business, easy to fall into two errors. A mistake is to think that this is the first thing you’ve seen some of the biographies of celebrities. And then feel that some of the characteristics of the decision, so often to study whether there is such a character.

another misunderstanding is that entrepreneurship is a lot of things can be calculated, I have seen a lot, especially in the financial, or mathematics. At first he was inclined to calculate everything well. I think it is wrong, in fact, are the errors in the entrepreneurial process. Entrepreneurship is actually a cognitive you, your awareness is the key, and your cognitive is often reflected by intuition, to do a lot of business judgment process, many judge you at that time, that sometimes, you will not have enough confidence, how do it this time? You have to try.

even when you don’t have enough confidence, you have to make a decision. Not to say that after I go back, I do not take a pen, I put all things can be calculated, impossible, absolutely impossible. A lot of things, and the more early, the vast majority of things that can not be calculated. Wait for you to come out, the lily is cold, the opportunity to start a business is lost. Moreover, most of the time did not even say absolutely what you want to achieve the goal, is to take the characteristics to do it, you said at the beginning, we determine the external is a what kind of mode, what did not reach the absolute. I tell you the process is clear.

when we first started, I was with my roommate, Zhang Xuhao. In 2008 we started university in the dormitory. We are both very strong execution. We have been talking about is the night before three o’clock, it started second days, always start to today. Actually, we don’t know what to do for second days. This industry, at that time not now big, but it has a variety of forms, how to do it?

we first to understand, in fact, the investigation, two weeks of investigation. We chose a restaurant where Jiaotong University especially, we have a few people in the restaurant next to the stagnation point statistics, to investigate. After the survey, we feel that we can do to take out the market, we feel that what is missing, we do promotion, to do outside,