Breast mass resection may not be ‘s health network

Haidian reader Zhao: I am 50 years old, two years ago, both sides of the breast breast lumps, the diameter of 0.8 cm.

has not been observed for two years ultrasound. But sometimes breast pain and itch, worried about the deterioration, whether affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Department of breast surgery? Dr. Dong Xiao Zhang East Hospital: your the breast mass, if two years did not change, the possibility of more benign.

breast pain, itching and breast mass has little relation to the development of breast cancer, only serious stage occurs breast tenderness, but the possibility of breast cancer is not your situation.

in addition to severe breast cancer, endocrine disorders, mood or hormone levels, may lead to breast pain. It may be considered as cystic hyperplasia caused by mammary gland cyst or mammary duct dilatation. Surgery can be considered, taking traditional Chinese medicine can also make the tumor disappear.

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)