How long is the ovulation BDLS expected their ovulation time female health network

is the source of uterus and vagina leucorrhea, leucorrhea secretion in the body can effectively moist vagina, which can effectively prevent bacteria and some dirty things into the vagina, to prevent vaginal itching have a certain effect. In fact, the secretion of vaginal discharge also indicates some of the human body, it is said that leucorrhea is the precursor of ovulation, how long is it expected to leucorrhea ovulation?

leucorrhea is a very normal phenomenon, but generally only when ovulation occurs leucorrhea drawing phenomenon. Follicular growth and ovulation period, women may begin to appear leucorrhea wiredrawing phenomenon, especially closer to ovulation, leucorrhea drawing phenomenon will be more intense. So doctors believe that the most obvious leucorrhea leucorrhea is the day of the day of ovulation.

according to medical claims, leucorrhea in general can be pulled to 4 15cm, and is not easy to pull off, clear and transparent elastic, is egg shaped. So want to have a child of a female friend can pay attention to their leucorrhea condition, if you find your leucorrhea appear wiredrawing phenomenon, generally can be judged as ovulation period.

, of course, in addition to ovulation, women may appear leucorrhea wiredrawing phenomenon, the uterus or vagina found that there may be such a phenomenon, but also with other physiological phenomena to make judgments.

leucorrhea drawing is expected to ovulation, it is said that women’s body temperature is a certain periodicity, after the end of ovulation will appear the phenomenon of rising body temperature. So I want to have a baby’s first female friends can observe their own body temperature, once the temperature rise, you can consider whether to enter the period of ovulation.

is expected to BDLS long ovulation, two physiological phenomenon in the combination of the above, if can correspond, so to a great extent, it can be judged as the ovulation period, this time greatly increased the odds of pregnancy. But if you feel abnormal leucorrhea drawing, it is best to see a doctor in time, check your body.