The process of growing from a programmer to a webmaster

98 years when I finally graduated from South China, we had a few quarters has been keen to develop electronic commerce website, the programming is the most powerful master in our grade.

for our class has made a list of alumni network now, although the function is not now Facebook so comprehensive, but it can attract the user’s registration. At that time, a great sensation was made, and the large Professor discussed with us how to develop the website. Later, after graduation, everyone went to work and many students went to the big business.

development of a website is to fund, if rely on advertising, it is difficult to maintain the life of the year, the Internet is just development, we are optimistic about the industry, and also with confidence. Soon the site was hard to maintain and we closed the site. Later, the studio has been handed over to me. I was late to find a job, my girlfriend has been impatient for me, told me to find a real job, do not waste time and effort on the website above.

I wasn’t very good at that time. We were using DOS. Now, remember, that’s the website. It’s very troublesome, and what should I dial?


to 2000, I started to do a website, with Microsoft asp+IIS, then create a simple web page feeling a lot, it is a working day, the development of the Internet is too fast, we update the technology is too slow, 03 years at.NET, making a lot of people almost collapsed, code and performance the page to achieve separation, which makes the site more simple.

at that time, a young colleague asked me: "object oriented things.". I was surprised to find it, because people have switched to OO development, a few of my friends in SUN (Java), the Java has just come out, is said to be the best programming language, but the beginning did not get the support of Microsoft, I have not learned.

later went to study.NET days, before many things are not as convenient as the language now. Almost 30 years old, still on the road of programming, it’s really hard, but also very happy, every time I solve the problem, I will scream excitedly, kiss my wife. Ha ha,

in recent years, more and more new technology, the arrival of Web 2, the browser supports asynchronous transmission, Ajax has started a popular, people have used the web development similar to the application site, the operator interface now. It almost made many people very excited.

, especially the emergence of XML, so many technologies have sprung up, and now the Internet can do web site.

in recent years, although I sometimes code, but I really can not compare with those who reserve so much energy, but also a family of people.

now works with friends in a company website