SSL nternet certificate will be opened EV SSL certificate is only 1399 yuan

will hold the Internet, SSL certificate stores opened, extended (EV, Extended, Validation) SSL certificate concessions in progress, as low as 1399 yuan / year (B). Different from other types of validation SSL certificates, EV SSL certificate has a green address bar, hold the certificate of the website is the most worthy of the trust of users of the website, help to enhance corporate brand image, is the world’s top 100 enterprises preferred. Please for the site installation This matter should not be delayed., a EV SSL



must connect Internet EV SSL certificate

EV SSL certificate features

is trusted by the user — not all sites can obtain EV SSL certificate, the certificate authority (CA) will carry out a strict review of the website and the company, only through the audit, CA will be awarded SSL certificate. Therefore, for users, the installation of EV SSL certificate site, high credibility, trustworthy.

has a high degree of identification – sites that install EV SSL certificates can be identified by the user at a glance. Sites deploying EV SSL certificates display not only URLs, but also enterprise name information on the green address bar, HTTPS.

has the highest security level – EV SSL certificates are issued in accordance with the global standard SSL certificate, the highest security level. Using the highest level of encryption algorithms, and providing high insurance coverage, to ensure the installation of SSL certificate site security.

store selling brand EV SSL certificate

The world’s top

companies are using the EV SSL certificate, how to price? EV SSL certificate due to the high safety, reliability and other advantages, the price is slightly higher than that of other types of SSL certificate, however, in order to celebrate the Internet will hold the SSL certificate store opened, the EV SSL Certificate in favorable, as low as 3 fold! The following recommended several hot certificate.

Symantec Secure Site Pro EV Certificate – original price 12650 yuan / year

must be preferential price: 7999 yuan / year,

·: insurance payment amount: $1750000

· SAN: support

·: malware scanning: support for

·: vulnerability assessment: support for

·: Security Signature: support for