What do you think about your blog for the future


I think in micro-blog and other short media popular today, independent blog as a "huge" carrier, want to in the fast cultural atmosphere get good development, its difficulty can be imagined. Even now there are still many high quality blogs, such as electric grid and Lu Songsong, but it is undeniable that most blogs survival time is not long, but if you want to be Hot Blog, then the effort will be more than a lot of times.

is a very obvious example is, Lou loose blog navigation has about forty percent of the blog has been open, and the rest of the blog, click on the ads rely on bloggers and the survival of the majority, which is currently the independent blog development dilemma, to force is not enough, not enough profitability.

in fact for many independent blog development down, many of my friends are attributed to bloggers themselves suck, the update is not timely, reading value lackluster, in fact I think a blog could not insist not all bloggers to the article, because a website is not a collapse of elements but, many complex causes of common cause, and an element which is the blog of the atmosphere.

because most blogs grow and can not rely on the so-called celebrities like Han Han, just send a hello word can attract the fans in the crowd, as ordinary bloggers we can only rely on their own efforts at a popular gathering. And this popularity, I feel more is a kind of atmosphere, a discussion of the professional degree of the problem. Many of my friends to the understanding for the brand, I think the brand is more inclined to the products, and the significance of the existence of the blog itself is clearly not so simple blog communication products, is a kind of value, a related industry benefit from the text, or take a power for comparison, if you want to buy a mobile phone. Or understand the mobile phone application, you will be in the first time and then understand the landing electric grid will actively participate in the crystal clear, even among them, and this is a kind of atmosphere to create a blog.

actually I do now is based on the novel website on the idea, because I feel like ordinary blog website, in the absence of celebrity support, we can only through their own atmosphere and then bind the user, and I run novel website when bound to a certain extent and close business forum online, allowing users to post messages, even allows users to contribute, but these are obviously based on the development of the atmosphere.

There are about

blog advertising, I think this is every webmaster are taken into account, because to be honest even blog webmaster can find a new means of profit, the blog owner will not choose this advertisement completely autonomous control profit model, not only affect the user experience, and may lead to Baidu. However, there is no way, blog to survive, it must be profitable, but if you want to make money, for most bloggers only by clicking on ads.