The stationmaster never stops before he is overtaken by others

I often go to each webmaster BBS bubble, but most belong to that kind of diving type, usually rarely speak. I found the diving now webmasters really shut off the space, Starving people fill the land., you heart. Even if there is no such thing, in fact, is also in the forum who grumbles. In a word, all sorts of reasons have, what snapshot old, the home page is not in the first, encountered too treacherous space providers, and so on, all inclusive.

in fact, among these people, I envy some people, they have great investment and have their own independent server. Will pay to buy Web services, such as links and so on. In contrast, I engaged in stationmaster, this is pitiful much. The earliest time is to borrow a friend, a domain name and a space to do the station, and then I officially began to invest 41 yuan. 1 yuan to buy a.Cn. 40 yuan, bought a garbage space, 300M a year. That’s how the website opened. Remember, at that time I think my action is particularly strong, almost every day to A5 sent an article, there are some good results, but also recommended. I thought about buying links, but my Internet users have gotten used to it for free. I’m not willing to pay for it. The chain is trying to do, but basically no friends chain. So mixed up for 1 years, PR only 2.

, it’s not easy to think about it. I’ve been doing this for a year, earning about 700 a month. It has made me very satisfied. It is often said that victory belongs to the persevering. After so long a year, the website began to make a profit. From the thousands to the highest point, then almost monthly income of over million. Maybe some people will feel very good. But if I say, I still love the first year when his drive. Because if my actions remain the same, then profits should double when my website comes to light.

I’ve been wondering why I lost the power of action, in fact the reason is very simple, because it was poor and blank. No friends, no help, so everything depends on yourself. And now is the kind of small rich, ann. The site is pretty good. With better space, exchange links, not as low as the time, even exchange courage. Although their PR4, but some of the site PR5 themselves refused, because the quality is not good. So to update the site every day so the muddle along without any aim didn’t follow the prescribed order, actively looking for new profit point in like the original thinking. In fact, I think most of the webmaster in the scale up, I have this confused state. Because of the big, things naturally more. And it’s not willing to innovate.

but the Internet is a rapidly changing place. A few days ago, I was working with a friend who had been working with me for nearly a year, feeling that my website is not as strong as it used to be, and now it is going downhill. He seemed comforted at the time. In fact, this does not blame you. How many websites have you been up to this year?. Yes, you do not stop, they courageously. I did not bite the tooth at the beginning