New station day P from 0 to 5000

here to talk about your own experience. He is not a master. So those website promotion expert is very SEO master, see here. There’s no need to go down. Ha ha, so as not to throw stones at me. How in a month’s time to the site from 0IP to 5000IP? I did. Now we want to know the way it is? I only know some of the single. The single SEO method. But this method is only a little bit I benefited from.

, start talking about specific ways. First of all to position themselves: what station? And then choose the right keywords website [key], choose keywords don’t choose keywords when overheated, unless SEO super cow B to you, or you have a lot of resources outside the chain. For example, want to do the QQ space station. You can search in http://s. a choice, not too hot, not cold. But the key words and then look at the key words daily index and the trend of development in Baidu.

in the choice of keywords

website, the best choose one or two. The less the better you feel. [then the selected keyword spread. For example, your keyword is’QQ space message code. You can use keywords extension for " QQ space character message code, QQ space color message code, QQ space message board code " and so on. Certainly no need to expand too much.5-8 enough. Because the keywords too much but not reach the ideal effect of.

The Guan Jian word on the

website thinks well, choose a suitable corn. Now good corn, after 2000 is no longer, then you choose a suitable domain name for yourself, for example, you want to do non mainstream this keyword, then you can choose this keyword. In short, domain names require brevity, good memory, and meaning. In this way, you can better let users remember the same search engine also more like.

now set the website keyword and domain name. Begin to prepare the website,.

first of all, the website system should pay attention to. Familiar with SEO friends should all know. Static page received robot and spider like. So the line is a web site that generates HTML, and the system is critical. Here, I recommend DEDE (PHP) and KINGCMS (ASP), and their SEO optimizations are good. Want to use these two systems of friends, own Baidu below. If you can not find, with the post, leaving the mailbox, I will send you.

now the search engine is paying more attention to the W3C standard, so DIV+CSS is more liked by the search engine. Of course, the benefits of DIV+css aren’t just on search engines. Let’s talk it over later. In short, if you can, must be the total station DI>