Let’s introduce some PHP and ASP CMS systems

CMS is the abbreviation of Content Management System, meaning " content management system ". Content management system for site management and editorial content, can use the template and general design elements to ensure the coordination of the whole site, only a small number of template code in the document, then you can concentrate on the design on the content. To change the appearance of the site, the administrator simply modifies the template page.

below is some of the PHP and ASP CMS systems I’ve collected.

1 and DEDE Official Site: http://s.www.dedecms.com

personal development of such a function of CMS, very simple. Domestic open source cms, the function is very powerful, hoping to improve the large amount of data, resulting in slow updates of the shortcomings of static pages. Because open source, there are more FANS, suitable for certain programming based webmaster use.

2 and phpcms Official Site: http://s.www.phpcms.cn

by the PHP+MYSQL framework of the total station generated HTML, can quickly and efficiently applied to LINUX and WINDOWS server platform, is China’s LINUX environment, one of the best solutions for web site management applications.

3, imperial website management system official website: http://s.www.phome.net

The English translation of the

Empire website management system for Empire CMS, " Ecms, based on B/S structure, powerful and easy to use, is a well-designed Linux/windows/Unix environment, web solutions.

4 and PHP168 Official Site: http://s.www.php168.com

PHP168 operating system, open source code, can be two times the development, function modules can be freely installed and removed, individual users free of charge. System channel module many, suitable for personal portal site, the deficiency is that more pages do not generate static pages.

5 and HBcms Official Site: http://s.www.hbcms.com

PHP official recommendation of the PEAR+SMARTY technology architecture CMS, relatively easy to use, suitable for novice station. No download, classification information and other modules, suitable for articles based website. The entire station generates a static page, with several sets of templates attached to the default, free to use.

6 and SupSite Official Site: http://s.www.supsite.net

automatically converts forum resources into portal sites using SupeSi>