Black tea my stationmaster my station

webmaster, such a group of people active in the next to the keyboard and mouse, have their own ignorance to the ideal, dream of their own website in one day, can really stand up, they have their own dedicated enthusiasm to the network, may in the eyes of others, all owners are a group of blind fiddle crazy, but they you know what they want, they want to watch their station grew up, it seems every day IP100010012000500010000, IP, PV of each nerve tightly affects the webmaster.


webmaster should be single-handed, work day and night, there is no concept of time, no concept of health, they are for money? The answer is yes, but only money, I said absolutely not! Find a general work, should be better than individual stationmaster income high, in general, monthly salary should be about 2000-3000 however, if a personal webmaster, let oneself website, reached that figure is not easy, there are of course very cow webmaster is far more than this figure, but there are thousands on thousands of webmaster, they are in the first line, the income of the site is rarely, even 0 revenue, for their website dream, all don’t say this the spirit is encouraged, to have their own love of things, but also for their own love and hard work, I want to say is, do a Xu San A kind of webmaster, as long as the target, regardless of the outcome, we should all do their 100% effort, to the end, you as a webmaster, as a webmaster we will certainly get your satisfactory harvest.

many webmaster, it is easy to follow suit, see the good, to do this, the good, then do that, in fact, is a taboo, first of all, do before, you have to think about the station where the market, where, how much the market, but also with the analysis of the competition between themselves. The advantage of everything, do not so easy, I do not advocate the garbage station, because the things we have to do what the future, in line with the user experience of the website, users really need website, this is the Internet China responsible, is also responsible for yourself, we take the time to catch the money and take your body to the end, just for a garbage station? To whom we explain it? Good to do their own


for me, not worth mentioning a webmaster, can stand for their own pay all the webmaster, believe China Internet webmaster, do not abandon, do not give up, we never forget this spirit, when we feel down, we have to think about it, and our website, said so much, you must I want to know what is the station, simply said once, I love apple, is love iPhone, iPhone, —-iPhone Chinese online community, invite friends to play love iPhone.

, my webmaster, my station, you also come show,


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