Down right or K station written in Baidu update

as everyone knows, in the monthly number 11, Baidu will have a small update, the scope is wide; the monthly number 26, Baidu big update date, this is the greatest concern of all small owners to date. Today is June 11th, some people are happy, some people worry. On the Admin5 forum, a lot of topics are about this Baidu update. From the forum to reflect, mostly happy, because there are many stations Baidu snapshots are stuck in May, 21, 22, today suddenly updated to June, 5, 6, no joy is not good.

my station, Xiamen credit card network, is precisely this situation, since May 22nd snapshot, until today only update, and so on, I have white hair, and first of all to tell me about the situation of this station.

This is my

station in February this year, I have to do, but because over the years, work is busy, no time to reason, until April, things are less, I remembered that my website here. But only think of it, not updated every day, there is no original, resulting in Baidu down right, that time only 10 a day, a few IP, but also want to give up. By May, the situation was better, more than 100 IP per day, but until today, my station was still dropped by Baidu, GOOGLE, although not by K station.

, think of a way. You can’t go on like this all the time. Thus, as a rookie, I soak every day in Chinaz, Admin5 and other webmaster sites, learning how to get out of this predicament. See a lot of learning for a long time, is derived from the two principles: the original and the chain – called "skills" and "practice waigong".

each stationmaster knows the importance of originality, also some stationmaster can insist to write a period of time, but want to write down for a long time, be more difficult. In fact, we can use the "pseudo original", which is copied from the article, put the title change, then put the end to modify what you can, if you feel enough, you can modify the article. Adhere to five or six articles "pseudo original" every day, adhere to write three or four original articles, you can, and other SEO, personally feel that there is no need to spend too much time to pay attention to. Of course, to persevere, must be updated every day, in order to be favored by Baidu. This is called "practicing internal strength"".


to improve their own strength, but also depends on the "external" digest. The chain not only includes links, but also pay attention to their own chain. Before in quite a period of time inside, I think the chain has no effect, have not done the chain, lead to do so long standing, traffic is so small. Of course, each webmaster want to with the PR value of high or search engine weight high site to do links, but others will not necessarily do you do friends chain?. Recently, I have been in the QQ group inside to do links, and then feeling more and more wrong, >