About four years do simple and hard experience

I’m glad, from a second culture to youth now has five stations of small owners, this process is very simple and also very difficult; 2004 is my first contact ", in the network for the first time around your personal homepage, friends do not know what is the personal homepage; there are many excellent personal homepage in the net, which makes me very envious, in order to make their home out of the ordinary, I started learning web design, because the foundation is too weak, the code for me is astronomical, I simply cannot read, which I had intended to retire.

2005 south of Foshan, advertising business in an advertising company in Foshan, because the company’s downturn, the boss is not in, the clerk of the company on the Internet, we have designed advertising is very interested in creating web pages, I often communicate with him how to make a homepage, during that time, employees of popular personal homepage so, we have become the personal homepage technology company, every day to help colleagues to modify personal homepage, slowly between I and he also produced PK, we learned a lot of "knowledge in PK middle school.

soon, I know that the Hunan Chenzhou online channel Lee on the Internet, he encouraged me to join the Hunan online, because the company provides technical support, I promised; after returning to Chenzhou, I became the agent of Hunan Chenzhou online channel, my first stop, Yizhang business online was born, I the real owners; although the company has provided technical support, but their technology can truly grasp not on the table, in order to learn web production, I every day on the Internet access to a large number of web production tutorials, stay ten twenty hours every day on the Internet, there have been 72 hours of continuous fighting record, and later with the development of the website online business, to be revised, I am confident over the revision task, after half a month, the online business successful revision.

the first revision success makes me excited for a while, he also learned a lot of things, but it has subsequently made several stand, not to long, because Chenzhou Hunan online channel with the termination of the contract, our station is separated from Hunan online, they rented space, we like Chenzhou the channel also terminated the contract, then I took a business online maintenance work; then in the local business online have some customers, as we prepare for partners with display skills to the full, discord, disband, I paid my partner some money, took their online business operations, because no their business ability, fewer and fewer customers, online business due to the inability to pay off the net cost of space.


do business online tasted a lot of sweetness, so never give up do stand ideas, until now, although his main occupation is not the webmaster, but they still operate several stations, including the now new on-line youth station network, do Adsense nets is the original intention is to know more like me the small station, yesterday for the site named things in every group for the station name, but it was a lot of stationmaster laugh, "