How to remove their daily food moisture female health network

moisture can cause various health problems, such as abdominal distension, loose stool or urine is cloudy, and body fatigue. Female body wet weight will lead to excessive leucorrhea, eczema, etc.. Therefore, moisture can not be excluded. How to remove the moisture on the body? The following 4 treatments have dehumidification effect.

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melon seaweed soup can remove our body moisture, can use one hundred grams and thirty grams of wax gourd, kelp, add salt and dried shrimp soup to drink, to drink once a day. Can also join the carp stew. Wax gourd can heat the water, swelling detoxification; kelp can also heat the water; adding crucian carp is to invigorate the spleen and stomach, dampness thirst. Melon seaweed carp soup for the majority of people drinking, cool wet effect significantly.

wants to remove moisture on the body, we can also eat Elsholtzia drink. Prepare five grams and three grams of Elsholtzia Imperata root, perilla leaf, three ingredients will be placed in the cup, add boiling water, every day can prepare the agent. Can Lishi and Elsholtzia; Perilla with divergent cold and wet effect, cogongrass rhizome can be heat clearing and diuretic. Eat Elsholtzia decoction can alleviate the body trapped heavy, wet weight and abdominal pain.

body moisture friends can also drink tea leaves, five grams and two grams of bamboo rhizome, lotus leaves into the cup, add boiling water, brew a daily agent when tea drink. In fact, bamboo can heat Chufan, thirst to wet; lotus taste joys, with Qingshu dampness effect. Color bean soup can also remove moisture on the body, can cook porridge with white bean, red bean and mung bean thirty grams, eat once a day. White lentils can jianpihuashitang, and in the summer. Mung bean can not only wet, but also nourish the skin. The red bean can heat to wet.

how to remove moisture from the body? Not only can be used to treat the above diet, daily and more anti moisture dehumidification method. Such as air conditioning dehumidification, removal of indoor moisture. The body moisture can also wear Gardenia or jasmine, with the fragrance of flowers and wet. Habits of sleep time, the reasonable filling can adjust body moisture.