Zhang Zhiwen from the revision of watercress to see the law of community website users


revision in March, no change of UI make snap, greatly adjust no hue on the style, but no breakthrough on the function, just adjust the page navigation and various channels of style. But this is the limited revision, but it has also been criticized by many users. Into the watercress home page, we can easily find the right side of the "boycott new watercress" activities. A large number of users are expressing their dissatisfaction with the revision.

why is that so,


believe that the webmaster friends have encountered the website, we have a variety of reasons need to update the existing site, home carrying information form is not enough, to increase the site function, the design of a good style different from the past, the reason we urge the existing website style make snap in. In this process, we are really excited, the reason is because we are full of confidence after the revision of the website, UI, to improve the information increase, the rich function and improve PV, strengthen the cohesive and so on. However, perhaps, the revised web site has thus become depressed.

and watercress encounter situations, our users actually did not like us to love innovation, they love in an existing site, using a familiar environment, including the familiar tone, familiar with the structure, function and familiar with the familiar user relationship. Website, even if only is the name of a button has changed, the user will therefore left sleeve, watercress is such a case, the past few years, every time the emergence of new watercress functions have openly resisted, even to cancel their username to protest this change. Even if this change has such and such justified reasons and positive meanings. The same situation in many sites have occurred, as long as you try to change the user’s habits, that is, in challenging the user’s patience, it will inevitably bring about the loss of users. The churn and website are closely related to the ways such as popular meeting this website, if you change with the vast majority of the user’s interests and habits, and revision both before and after the transition of the corresponding means, will be appropriate to reduce the loss of users.

what is the purpose of revision of watercress?

?Since the watercress

from 05 years has been officially launched, with its unique community culture is different from other sites, and even the nearest circle of speech, that is the only mode of Douban can output the foreign website mode. What is the secret of success first, watercress watercress? To its position as a community, to a group of common people to an intersection, and then through various channels to find the seed users, through the input of cultural elements has consciousness, such as movies, music, books, to make a set intersection after another now, this formed the bean. In the process of soybean growth, a lot of people in the community to discuss experimental Douban, some people think that the culture of the community do not, some people think that watercress business model is very embarrassing, but 5 years later, now watercress has become.