The relationship between love and technology is painful and joyful

an idea, a website, from nothing, the ups and downs, emotions include.

Planning, design and production of

ikang net, after several months of busy has initial scale, website ranking rise, rich content, increased membership and so on to change my confidence, I determined this is a good project, ikang net target location is to create the field of nutrition and health brand website. Ikang net is a station I have engaged in the cause of the input site, it will be my last stand, a forgotten story, some perseverance, faith, once the love has gone too far, perhaps never goodbye, only settling down only station technology.

in 2004, I was a network of professional graduate students, master theoretical knowledge alone, even abruptly network operating companies in the absence of any social experience and practice experience, mainly engaged in the production site, he as chief designer, through his guidance, I mastered the page design and programming technology, and familiar with the site planning process. A year’s deadline has come, and in the business and emotional dilemma, I have to choose the end of the company.

2005, with my skills and abilities, friend invited me for the company website construction and CRM system, in a strange environment, the team lost his shadow, I have confused, but in his encouragement help, I successfully completed the task, have a friend recognized and worked in the company. Then continued to run several websites, software development, talent cultivation, there is also a business, online mall electronic, however, due to various reasons have failed to stick.

in 2007, after several operations, established the charity website project, require the use of Internet technology system and the mode of the current world’s most advanced and reliable system of open source technology Web 2 new generation Internet based architecture (Linux+Apache+PostgreSql+PHP/Java open source system) station, in which I did not know, after several twists and turns, and hired a program design personnel to complete the project together, at work I humbly ask, a short time to master the technology and its application in ikang net.

grasps the advanced network technology, has the super study ability, has achieved today’s extraordinary me, because only has met him in the life, thanks the day and the earth,


good standing, respect for the content, perseverance, success will come.

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