The financial turmoil should change conventional Wangzhuan

(1) grassroots webmaster

because this is me, so grassroots the bitterness I will not say, if a friend is ready to do this, whether it is to do industry station or garbage station, then I say: in the beginning we have to just work, ask the harvest mentality.

(2) online shop

online shop is nothing more than these two points: first, their own site to sell products; two, with some mature platform. Occasionally we may often see a site between someone to open a shop, said his monthly income how many, you believe that? It is certainly there, but only a few proportion, to believe in yourself, don’t hear that the wind is the rain.

(3) Witkey order

as the saying goes: "everything is difficult at the beginning.". If you want to have a go on it in Witkey, is unable to start, if you have a strong ability on the one hand, a month 3000-5000K is no problem, if the half level, then you’d better be silent on the cancellation of the account in Witkey because the top of the competition, a little less than college students today looking for a job, or you can as their own learning platform.

(4) as an online writer,

today, Internet writers are a more fashionable job. They can get money by writing and drawing at home, but it can’t make you rich for a short time. To become a network writer, you must have a good network of practical basis, at the same level, you are better than others, so you are appreciated, or you can not get along.



game industry has maintained a relatively stable, about leveling, gaming most get wages and bonuses, it looks and sounds are good, sometimes good luck, income is considerable. But it’s not in your future here, as you picked up a gold watch in the company, but does not belong to you, lucky, give you an Shijinbumei award, award you a red envelope, which is 100RMB.


you to find, to observe! Do not make themselves through their own analysis, a long-toothed man with a livid face! My new sites have been listed,, welcome to discuss