Successful stationmaster should have 12 good state of mind on

has a saying: "personality determines fate, tolerance determines the pattern, details determine success or failure, attitude determines everything, thinking determines exit, height determines depth, and pattern determines outcome.". Thinking determines everything, sowing positive thinking, will reap a healthy and successful life; a good state of mind, than one hundred kinds of wisdom. Do not know if you registered in the seowhy forum, to see whether there is the only sign: in fact, so that their success is often not knowledge, is the spirit! If you always find excuses for yourself, it had to let the success of delay. Execution, today,


today, feather and we share a topic: successful webmaster has a good attitude.

one, zeroing mentality. The so-called zero mentality is to completely put yourself down. Not bound by the good and the bad, we need to look to the future, face the present, but don’t dwell in the past. Experience is precious, is a good thing, but also a resource, but we can not stop, need to lay down their own. Especially the novice do the station for the first time, maybe you have not engaged in this industry before, you must put the original industry characteristics equivalent to the internet.

two, learning attitude. The information of Internet have new things change rapidly, new technologies emerge every day, while the knowledge in the 40% year of the elimination rate of updates, which we need to contact the webmaster to learn new things, in order to adapt to the high-speed era. Recharge yourself to make yourself strong enough to succeed.

three, innovative mindset. Well, said this, the mind think of "damn Tencent" in the article; "the union", killing 4399 to 360, and so on are big slam you only see the imitation of 2 words, innovation of details behind the flowers and other people can feel jealous. So, our webmaster do stand, just blindly imitate, even if you are now how much of the free and unfettered, in fact, always in the industry reshuffle victims position.

four, willing to mind. As the old saying goes, "give up, give up, give up.". No front of the pay, where there is a return in the back?. Life is a process of reckoning, what are not willing to pay, so that life can do color? There is a very strange phenomenon: not love your own website with any outbound links, called it will reduce weight. Reproduced, the site was K; acquisition, URL will filter; with people do a friend chain, but also with nofollow. What makes you the best cheap, the result? Recently a new apprentice, let the female station responsible for updates, including a paper titled "breast plastic surgery hospital which good", read the introduction is the breast augmentation surgery, did not introduce what the hospital recommended; I asked him why, he that is to find find several good, but do not want to give people a free advertising, do not want to link…

five, pragmatic mindset. With the Internet, contact with new things every day, curiosity and the idea of Trinidad and tobago. And really want to do a web site, more need is pragmatic work, do details in place, >