Mobile sites VS native applications travelers prefer the use of App or mobile terminal site


, according to a new survey, most people study holiday products from mobile sites (94%) compared to native apps.

market research firm GFK surveyed the use of mobile networks in 300 thousand UK mobile Internet users (users agreed to data acquisition). The period of one month (October 2013) the survey revealed some interesting facts: the use of tourism related to the application of user information, mobile websites and local application of popularity to customers, in-depth personalized content marketing the best time.

mobile site VS native application usage trends

because it is very convenient to use mobile devices when going out, about 25% of the respondents plan, compare and book their vacation products through their mobile phones.

travel is one of the five main types of mobile devices, and the number of mobile Internet users has exceeded that of PC end users (wired broadband).

during the survey, the user visited 1907 vacation related sites via mobile devices, but only used 30 different holiday related mobile applications. The top three sites for visits are:




results show that the product integration site / price comparison site, the brand’s official website has higher access.

, the top three of these sites, accounted for only 21% of the traffic, and so was the proportion of users’ stay. 90%, the user’s mobile Internet time distribution in the first 450 websites, the list is very long.

on average, respondents visited 3.2 vacation related websites per month, with an average residence time of about 20 minutes.

in tourism native applications, iOS applications in the top three rankings are as follows (related activities are mainly concentrated in the top four / top five applications):

• Skyscanner

• TripAdvisor

• native applications on the list are mostly applications and essential applications of mainstream travel brands, such as train time inquiries, flight inquiries, and so on.

this study also reveals an interesting behavior: the income of 10 thousand -4 million pounds (100 thousand yuan -40), at the age of young female users between 18-34 is on the use of mobile devices under a major user of vacation tourism group, use time is usually on Tuesday to Thursday working lunch.

such findings can be used for major purposes