Talking about the problem of collecting station and independent writer analyzing station

Ma Yun defines Internet spirit as openness, sharing and responsibility. I quite agree with you. Openness means the platform, sharing the responsibility for the individual and the two. These three factors play an indispensable role in the orderly, healthy and rapid development of the internet. On the contrary, it is "the spirit of the status of the domestic Internet censorship, piracy and shirk responsibility" — so, the pirates will happen against the world what the user sent to prison, is really not surprising.

my personal esteem "by deeds". In the light of his own shallow view, the people are really trying to win their own ideals instead of calling for protests and doing nothing. At the same time, the spirit of the Internet in developed countries is also subject to severe tests. According to reports, the father of the World Wide Web recently warned that "the network is surrounded by a huge wall built by Facebook, and there is a danger of extinction."".

, for example, searches Google for " Wuhan" to get beautiful photos, while searching for " Wuhan" you can only get a bunch of heads. Indeed, Private Companies, users are willing, but where is the responsibility? We can not see.

false big empty words, it is not worth mentioning, the following on the "collection of websites and independent contributors" to talk about their views.

thanks to the acquisition station,

collection site to bring convenience to readers, first of all need to be sure.

1, focus on

acquisition stations are often concerned with a specific industry (also for their own construction needs), eliminating redundant information and improving the signal to noise ratio. Under the pressure of competition, the quality of the source has improved.

2, mining talent

With a broad collection of sources,

can tap through its sources to tap high-quality talent. This is especially important for independent bloggers, who, after all, have limited energy.

3, training new people

Bowen has been reprinted a lot, what it means to the new person is self-evident.

The problem of

acquisition station

1, no thought

that’s why I use the word "collect" instead of "aggregation". All the collection sites without exception, without hesitation, just cited the article; not only did not give the "recommended reason", but also do not bother to do "Introduction", and even collection between stations to collect each other. Admittedly, the acquisition itself is not easy; I want to express that the copy and paste has lagged behind the development of the times, it is sooner or later to be washed into the history of the toilet. news on personal blog that the polymerization of high quality, the source language refined, evaluation to set people thinking. It’s not easy, but the content of the site comes from the author