New thinking of controlling users’ operation in New Media

when I see this topic, Mr. head will ask yourself what is the " user ". So in the modern Internet industry, how to define the user’s head in? Mr. seems natural person all products can be called user. We may see a lot of business models on the Internet, such as B2B, B2C, O2O, and so on. No matter who the product ends up with, the product is always personal. Then this person is a user of this product. Then, for these users a series of operations, unified called user operations.


then, what key indicators should we pay attention to in the operation of the user? What are the important indicators of user volume, activity, and conversion?. Then, the amount of users is required to operate the small partners, constantly thinking about some good ideas to pull new. Then the activity of the product will have a retention, daily clicks and so on some concepts. The conversion rate is the first Mr. which is in an article on the "new media in the content operation?" said, all operations must make the final profit of products. Although user operations need these three indicators to show, but each product has its life cycle, then, for different life cycles, we need to pay attention to is not the same.

, such as the product of the birth period, we may be more concerned about whether the product User registration, where to register, what is the sense of registration experience?. At the same time, we need to pay attention to some differences between User and Member in the process of cultivating seed customers. Because in the end, what makes the product profitable is Member. Well, for Member in the middle of the product, that is, a large number of users have come in, we need to focus on. At the same time, we are getting into the active and focused period. Because all active users will have the possibility of becoming Member. Then, after becoming Member, we expect the conversion rate is also a matter of course.

then maybe someone will ask, it is from the horizontal development time to discuss, if only from the user’s point of view is not more vertical, need to analyze the structure of the user attention?! this is the view of user operation. When we focus on the product, we first pay attention to the user’s psychology and structure. For example, when the user is male or female majority, the distribution of age, education, interest points, etc.. These are the basic user analysis indicators, which also determine what strategies should be taken by operators, what operational tools they use, and what operational activities and content will be posted.

also need to you and the user must know how many grade, old users, how many new users, how many daily growth quantity and scale, so as to understand that now is really in the hands of the operator are what stage >