Site positioning and team thinking

, for all the webmaster, how to translate PV into value, is quite disturbing. Once read a share of a group of major portal PV data: Zhongguancun online: 38 million; Pacific: 24 million 600 thousand; 8 million 700 thousand; 4 million: Paopaolong: pole; IT168:400 million; Sina Technology: 9 million IT:350 million; Sohu; Tencent 12 million NetEase; science and technology; science and technology; 3 million 700 thousand. It’s everyday. As long as you get a portion of your income every day, the turnover is considerable. At present, the main means of profit for the portal is still in the stage of advertising. Although the new marketing approach has been followed, it seems that the expansion of space is considerable.

at this time, the electricity supplier of small wonder, that the market appears to be large, there is no way and these large Hou face to face, so, as a small electricity supplier, and how to give yourself a position? If the market will describe a circle, will position itself into a target market a small circle, to do the first circle, have the ability to expand their circle. When the operation of the process, found the small circle at present still cannot be reached, do not prevent the circle shrink a bit. Let oneself in more market segments do, clear positioning of their market position, is the first goal of good business. Sometimes you can do things better by focusing on a little thing. For example, where customers start from the beginning, is to focus on the line, only to do shirts, as the circle continues to expand, it is not late to cast a net.

, but for enterprise operation process management, is a profound knowledge. How to motivate employees at different stages and how to play the initiative of employees has become a key issue.

read a story about a Japanese HR group. His characteristic is to encourage employees to start their own businesses, and its eyeco is created by in-house employees. This form of expansion, and now, the group has more than 5000 people, an annual income of 60 billion yuan, profit of about 5 billion yuan. For many start-ups, there are how to motivate the team to work together in this troubled. This requires leaders to take the lead, then, can draw in difficult times to fierce when employees; stable development of enterprises, and the ability of employees by external recognition, how to let the team maintain cohesion is crucial; when the enterprise is on track, when there is a certain position in the market, how to prevent competitors poaching also, the leadership talent management ability.

is a rising electricity supplier is not easy, the pain and confusion, perhaps only a comrade everyone can understand, though, the outside world, today’s electricity supplier how scenery, back pay, far greater than expected. Of course, we also need to believe that efforts will always be rewarded, and perhaps unsuccessful, there will be harvest.

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