The easiest way to make a website map in history

asks: what is website map?


answer: sitemap is a container for all links to a web site.

: what’s the use of sitemap,


answer: when the user query to the website can let users see clear substantive role website, to help users quickly find the information they need. At the same time as the search engine to provide Easy Access, make the engine program quickly included main pages. Good rankings, allowing users to more easily find your.

: how do you make the site map in the easiest way?

answer: no need to download any specialized software, install anything, and generate it directly.

generates a site map once in a while. It’s simple. You just need to log on to a foreign website

that specializes in web pages

in the box in the middle of fill you need to generate a map of the domain name, and then click the yellow button, OK your website files list came out, and then the file box below the yellow button, you need OK’s GOOGLE web map is completely presented, click the text box button is gray. Above the OK, your sitemap.xml page map is generated. I don’t need to teach you the rest. Upload it to your web root directory and submit it to google. Ha ha, simple! The Internet company brothers need to often help customers make web maps, you can download a set of computers, ready to use.

The only thing

needs to be aware of is that when you submit a domain name, you should format it in the following format: (must be followed by "/"),

there is a foreign website also provides online web map making, effect is good, the slower, submitted after the patient, the format is sitemap.xmlsitemap.xml.gz, ror.xml, sitemap.htm,.Txt, Wang Tong’s website


page is the link here. The disadvantage is that more than 500 pages, do not try, he can not run.

page more than 500 pages need only can be produced in the software download site they developed web map, make your own web map on this machine, and even put on the server. How do you study yourself?. A little statement, need.Net

there is a more cow thing to come, dare not exclusive, to share with you.

, a sitemap web map builder made by a Xi’an company. I’ve used it. It’s great